Dal students try out Pete’s ToGoGo in SUB

This story has been updated since initially published.


Two years after expressing their desire for healthier food options on campus, Dalhousie University students are getting their wish.

In the Student Union building, Pete’s ToGoGo is full of hungry, wide-eyed patrons.

The outlet is an off-shoot of the popular grocery store. Their grand opening was Wednesday.

Lindsay Dowling, Dalhousie Student Union spokesperson, says the university secured a contract with Pete’s ToGoGo in November. She says “the experience has been overwhelmingly positive.”

From the “Over the Top” omelette breakfast to soups, sandwiches, fresh salad and baked goods, Pete’s ToGoGo offers a wide selection of edible goodies. Prices are generally under $10 for a sandwich with combo meals running a little higher.

Diane Hamilton, Chief Operating Officer with Pete’s, says “it’s a great fit for Dalhousie.”

“Young people are very well educated and want to eat fun, healthy, fresh food,” she says.

After almost five months of planning with the university, she says “overall [we’re] very happy with the flow and setup of the store. But we’re always wanting to learn.”

Hamilton says Pete’s has placed top priority on meeting people’s wants and needs. Pete’s welcomes comments from the customers through Facebook, Twitter and email.

Dowling says students are usually willing to pay more for fresh food. She says the university tries to work with everybody’s budget: Tim Hortons, the Chickenburger and the Grawood, the campus bar, to name a few.

Dalhousie Student Union says it will give any profits back to students.  This includes scholarships and bursaries.  It’s too early for financial reports but Dowling estimates they will be available in the next couple of months.

In the days since the grand opening, Pete’s has been busy with customers:

Lunchtime at Dalhousie's new Pete's ToGoGo (Photo: Alison Chiang)
A wide range of food options available (Photo: Alison Chiang)
Pete's ToGoGo employee prepares sandwiches (Photo: Alison Chiang)
Pete's ToGoGo owner, Pete Luckett, shows off one of his favourites (Photo: Alison Chiang)
A colourful display, fresh and healthy (Photo: Alison Chiang)
Baked goods and coffee also available (Photo: Alison Chiang)


Update: Jan 21: Correction in last paragraph. Dalhousie Student Union not Dalhousie University will give any profits back to students:scholarships and bursaries are some examples.