Dal votes in mock U.S. election

Students satisfy their political sweet tooth

Red and blue cupcakes are being sold as votes in a mock U.S. presidency election at Dalhousie University today. Photo: Lauren Olivia Hughes

Dalhousie students are voting today for who they think should be the next president of the United States of America.

They won’t influence the race between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney though, because their votes are actually just cupcakes.

A table of red and blue cupcakes is set up in the Student Union Building, and students can pay $1 for a cupcake and a vote.

The Political Science Society is collecting money for their election event tomorrow night in the Grawood.

So far Obama is winning the cupcake election, but Romney does have some Canadian supporters.  One male student who voted for the Republican candidate said, “It would take too long to explain” his choice.

The society members running the fundraiser say the Romney votes are probably made as jokes. 


UPDATE: Obama won by a landslide. His 78 cupcake votes beat out Romney’s 11.