King’s board of governors votes yes to athletic fee

Students react to decision that opposes their vote

The University of King’s College’s board of governors decided to opt-in to a new Dalhousie University athletics facility set to begin in the 2015-16 school year.

Students voted in referendum held by the King’s student union on Nov. 27 and 28. Seventy per cent were opposed to the proposal that includes a $180 athletic’s fee increase and 23 per cent supported it.

Here’s what some King’s students had to say about the final decision:

Charlotte Steuter-Martin says, "Gyms are great, I love gyms. But we already have one. I feel like the amount of people that frequently use the Dal gym isn't the number of people who will have to pay higher fees because of it." (Photo: Lauren Olivia Hughes)
Ross Chiasson says, "It's kind of crazy that people who aren't going to use (the gym) are deciding whether we get it for people who don't want to use it." (Photo: Lauren Olivia Hughes)
Claire Burnard, who will be at King's in 2015 when the fee starts, says, "Who's going to go that far? The Dalplex is awful. Take the money and put it into the King's gym. I'm a swimmer, and the new place doesn't even have a pool." (Photo: Lauren Olivia Hughes)
Elizabeth Orenstein says, "Supporting the new gym is to further our relationship with Dal, which is important. But couldn't we spend that money on smaller class sizes or getting local food in the caf?" (Photo: Lauren Olivia Hughes)
Will Musgrave says, "Interesting that the students and administration oppose. I'm for the fees at Dal, but that's surprising. I didn't know they could do that." (Photo: Lauren Olivia Hughes)