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Charts (old)

This is a summary of creating online charts using Google’s Chart Tools API. We use Google Spreadsheets as a data source and make it interactive using Google’s ChartWrapper code.

  1. See the different types of charts you can create. Each one shows a live example, the spreadsheet data & the javascript code:
    1. pie chart
    2. line chart
    3. bar chart
    4. column chart
    5. combo chart
    6. geo chart (with provinces)
    7. geo chart (with cities)
    8. Use two charts on the same page 

  2. Log into Google Documents and create a new spreadsheet.
  3. Enter your data according to the examples.
  4. Share the data (i.e. make the spreadsheet publicly available by clicking the Share button in the upper right) so that “Anyone who has the link can view”.
  5. Copy the javascript code from the example and open it in a text editing program such as TextWrangler so you can edit it. Change the options that are highlighted.
  6. Paste this javascript into your WordPress post (switch into HTML mode first).