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Managing Editor

Stay close to your email. Your job is to post content quickly. Your job has three components:

  1. Copy Editor: All of the content posted each day goes through you for editing — after your instructor has approved it.  Specifically…
    1. Does all of our text content conform to CP style?
    2. Is the content free from spelling and grammatical errors?
    3. Make sure headlines and subheads are sentence case (mainly lower case).
    4. Do the links work?
    5. Do the story elements display properly? Are interactive elements set to “width = 100%”? Does it look OK on mobile?
    6. Pay special attention to image captions and interactive elements. I frequently don’t proof these myself. Our image caption style is: Caption text. Photo: Your Name.
  2. Front Page Editor: All published stories appear on the front page but you decide which story/stories are the lead ones throughout the day. The lead story should have a (horizontal) image as the first image. You make it the lead story by checking “Stick this post to the front page” under the Visibility option of the Post page (under Published). You must always “unstick” stories when they are replaced by other “sticky” stories. This puts them back in the normal story order of newest on top. The general criteria for sticky stories:
    1. “Important” (generally newsy) stories on top
    2. But a good image is a strong consideration (it will boost traffic)
    3. Usually no more than two or three sticky stories at a time (often only one)
  3. Comments Moderator: Approve (or not) comments awaiting moderation each day. These are listed on the main Dashboard page after log in. Moderating comments can be tricky. We should take care to allow a full conversation — even if we don’t like the tone or language. We should approve comments that criticize us — even (especially?) if we disagree with them. We should reject comments that are offensive or libelous. Approve only those that are not spam. Examples of spam:
    1. “I love the content of your website”
    2. “Would you link back to my site?”
    3. “Your website is running slow”