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Your job is to edit the editors’ summaries and post them to the CMS. You should also write a couple of summaries yourself to help them out.

Organize the editors to ensure all sections are covered. Make sure two people aren’t doing the same story (different angles are OK). We don’t want opinion pieces or PR rewrites.

We need a digest that will have around 20-24 items in it, with as much Canadian news as we can get. Ideally …

  • 6-8 Canada
  • 6-8 U.S.
  • 6-8 World

The editors will send you their summaries via Google Docs or email. As you compile them into a single document, check for:

  • Duplication
  • Do we have the major stories of the day covered?
  • No more than two light/weird/bizarre stories?

Edit for:

  • Digest style — eg. upper/lower case headlines, news in the first line
  • CP style — eg. Canadian spellings, measurements and currency, proper date and number formats, etc.
  • Length — ensure the stories are short; 65-80 words maximum
  • Grammar
  • Factual accuracy — if an element doesn’t seem right (fact, spelling, etc.), check it on the web.
  • Sense — do these 75 words form a clear story?
  • Cultural references — what is a “sixth form” college in England? Explain or change these terms so a Canadian audience understands them
  • Comprehensiveness — do they answer the five Ws?

At 11:00-ish:

  • Make a final call for stories
  • Tell your instructor when all of the summaries are edited and ready for posting (about 11:00 a.m.). We’ll read through them one more time.

Publish the Digest

Your second job is to transfer the complete, edited Digest to WordPress. This is a technical job, not an editorial job. It simply involves a lot of copying and pasting.

The fastest way to transfer the content is to copy the entire Digest item and paste it into the main post field. Then copy and paste individual elements into the other form fields:

  • Cut and paste the headline into the title field
  • Paste the News Source
  • Paste the URL into the “Story URL” field
  • Choose a section
  • Click “Save Draft” for each. Repeat for the next item. Once you’ve done a couple, check one or two by previewing it to make sure it looks right. The Source name should be tight to the summary (no extra spaces). This should take you about 20 minutes.

When you’re done, publish them live to UNews ALL AT ONCE by choosing to view all Digest items, selecting the ones to publish and changing Bulk Actions to “Edit.” In the box that comes up, change the Status to “Published” and click “Update.”

Check it on unews.ca