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You can include a poll in your story. But use polls judiciously. Not all stories lend themselves to a poll. A good question will, of course, concern an important aspect of your story. But it will also have social appeal. 

Here are some general criteria:

  1. All questions are close-ended — that is, we control the possible answers; users cannot submit their own.
  2. There should generally be two to four possible answers to a question.  
  3. Skip options such as “Don’t know” or “No opinion.” This isn’t an academic study and people who would choose these options are unlikely to participate anyway.
  4. Aim for simple, clear questions, such as …
  • Which of these brands are you most likely to buy?
  • What is the most important issue in the current election campaign?

Read these guidelines for writing poll questions from U.S. pollster Craig Charney:

As well …

  1. Tone down the languageStrong words that represent control or action can skew your results — so can words that trigger ideological reactions. For example, consider the difference in responses you might get from these questions:
    • “Should the province prohibit insurance companies from raising rates?”
    • “Should the province regulate insurance rates?”
    • “Should the province let the free market set insurance rates?”
  2. Keep it short and use plain English: Voters tend to vote No to questions that are long and difficult to understand
  3. If the question is not Yes/No, use scales in range of answers.
    For example: “How would you rate parks in your neighbourhood?”
    _ Excellent. _Good . _ Satisfactory. _ Poor.


Add a poll to your story

  • In the WordPress left-hand sidebar, click Polls.
  • Click Add Poll, then add a question and answers. Fiddle with any options. Click Add Poll to create it
  • Note the number of your poll on the main screen listing all polls.
  • In your story, find the Polls section below the main story area
  • Type in the number of your poll
  • Preview your story. You should see the poll. 


You’re done!