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  1. Prepare photos — usually 4-12 of them — at **EXACTLY** 675 x 400px (HORIZONTAL). Photos at smaller sizes will be stretched.  Larger sizes will add unnecessary download time for mobile users. How? Using the crop tool in Photoshop, lock the width and height in the Properties palette …
    Constrain dimensions
    It’s similar using Pixlr.com … Constrain dimensions
  2. Write and spellcheck captions for individual images. Not every photo needs a caption (depending on how similar they are) … but most will.
  3. Go to Nivo Slider in the WordPress left-hand sidebar. Click “Add New” and give your slideshow a descriptive name.
  4. Upload your prepared images. Set the slideshow options as follows. Note that in the first option of “Slider Type”, “Manual” means images chosen by the user (as opposed to pulled automatically from a folder).
  5. Slideshow config options
  6. Add image captions by clicking on the pencil tool.
    Slideshow edit caption
  7. Slideshow shortcodePlace the shortcode shown in the right sidebar into your post (into the Visual editor, not the HTML editor). The ID or slug of your slideshow will be different.