Mystery flood plagues King’s basement

Caution, King’s stairwell impassable. Photo: Cyndi Sweeney

King’s students are curious about the growing hole in the stairwell in the main building on campus.  The hole is taking on a life of its own.

There’s no point in putting the mops away until maintenance finds the source of the flooding.  Water has been pooling up behind closed doors for some time.

The King’s Student Union (KSU) found their storage room completely flooded last month.  They had been using an old laundry room in the building’s basement to store boxes of files and records — records which were used by the university’s Wardroom pub, KSU and the Galley canteen.

The room was opened last month and found to be completely flooded, with most of the materials ruined.

“We had a day to remove all of our boxes.  They were rancid and full of flies,” says KSU Internal Co-ordinator John Adams, who believes the water had been in the room for awhile, given the condition of the materials.

“I assume the building is sinking,” Adams said with a laugh. “Actually, I don’t really know what’s the cause.”

The remaining scraps of event materials, record books and files are piled in a small corner of the KSU office.

UNews is awaiting comment from the university’s maintenance crew on plans to fix the leak.