SMU International Night continues for a 34th year

The 34th International Night at SMU continued on showing off the many cultures of the university.

Saturday night marked the 34th annual Saint Mary’s University International Night. The event that started with a couple of societies looking to celebrate their culture in the ‘80s has grown into a night of entertainment, food and fun.

The event has since been taken on by the Saint Mary’s International Centre and is now run by the centre and a student volunteer group that works with the centre, Students Acting for Global Awareness.

The celebrations this year had a turnout of about 400 students, staff, and public.

The goal of the night, said International Centre director Ysaac Rguez, is “to showcase the different cultures of SMU.” 33 per cent of the university’s full-time students are international students, according to enrolment data from the Association of Atlantic Universities.

According to Rguez there are around 100 different cultures at the university.

“Chinese is our biggest culture,” said Rguez, although he says places such as Bangladesh have a significant number of students attending the school as well.

Planning for the event begins in September each year with callouts for entertainment sent out in November.

“We want to make sure we have representatives from different areas of the world,” said Rguez.

The show featured 12 acts this year, from places around the globe such as Russia, Bangladesh and the Bahamas. Entertainment is never quite the same from year to year.

“We like to make changes when it comes to the context of the performance,” said Rguez, who said this year’s show had more dancing acts than usual.

The entertainment for the night ended with The Sparks of Bangladesh, a dancing group.

“They were so proud,” said Taty Camargo, an international development studies major from Brazil. The performance ended with a large group of Bangladeshi students from the audience jumping on stage to dance.

“It’s an opportunity for students to showcase their culture,” said Rguez.

The St. Kitts Clowns
NS Chinese Culture Arts Club
Andressa Dos Santos and Vini Oliveira from Brazil
Andressa Dos Santos
Zenfan Des Zil from Mauritius Island
Zenfan Des Zil from Mauritius Island
NS Chinese Culture Arts Club
NS Chinese Culture Arts Club
Ekaterina Sushko from Russia
Ekaterina Sushko from Russia
Maria Maldonado and Antonio Espinosa from Colombia
A dance to Coo Coo Soup, performer from the Bahamas
the 5th Element, performer from Yemen
The 5th Element, performers from Yemen and Canada
NS Chinese Culture Arts Club
NS Chinese Culture Arts Club
The Sparks of Bangladesh
The Sparks of Bangladesh
The Sparks of Bangladesh with audience members



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