U.S. election party at Dal

Political Science Society organizes event to watch American election

The Dalhousie Political Science Society organized at party for the U.S. presidential election at the Grawood pub in the student union building.
Kirby Hayes and Bryn Karcha of the Political Science Society organized the election party. Karcha, president of the society, hypes up the crowd at Grawood.
A large crowd of students followed the election coverage on several televisions in the pub. Some students multitasked and followed on tv and online.
The bar served special drinks for the night. You could buy either blue or red shooters to show support for, respectively, President Obama or Romney.
Students relaxed at the bar, lounged on couches and talked politics.
Kirby Hayes, vice-president of the Political Science Society holds a tally of the red and blue cupcakes bought by Dal students. Hayes has both Canadian and American citizenship.